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Get The Chill Out Of Your Prosthetics.

Whether it’s an upper limb, (above or below) the elbow or lower limb amputation, nerve or circulatory issues can spell cold intolerance.

Add to that the fibreglass and metal components of the prosthetic device, serving as a cold sink, it’s no wonder your clients complain of pain and discomfort.

The solution is Simple Abilities’ reliable, controllable heat system that provides comforting heat for up to 12 hours or more. Customized to be integrated between layers of the prosthetic device, our technology is designed to heat the majority of the residual limb.

Partial finger, multiple fingers, or all fingers.

Simple Abilities can fashion a custom liner to heat the remainder of the fingers and/or the remaining hand. These liners an be integrated to fit under or between the layers of most prosthetic systems.

Upper limbs, above or below the elbow, or both.

As with the hand, heated liners can be worn directly over the skin or integrated between the inner silicone sleeve and outer layer of the prosthetic.

Lower limbs, above or below the knee.

Simple Abilities can create a custom heating element integrated between inner sleeves and outer layers. A typical lower limb will have much greater surface area and will require more heat. We do not increase the temperature, but instead we increase the area of the heating surface, to cover a greater area of the remaining limb.

Outer wraps, socks, and sleeves.

Depending on the environment and the client’s needs and activities, Simple Abilities can provide a range of custom outer garments to act as insulators.

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Custom heated systems to treat discomfort and pain.

We work with the prosthetists and therapists to create the best heating solution, keeping the client warm and working comfortably. Even when there are unique challenges, Simple Abilities will work with specialists and other professionals as needed to ensure the heating technology system works effectively, even in adverse conditions.


The solution is Simple Abilities: our products are reliable, effective, and help clients stay active and comfortable.

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