Our technology provides a reliable, portable, controllable heat source to provide comfort for cold intolerance and prosthetic devices.

We Keep Your Clients Warm & Working In All Parts Of Canada & The USA

There are many reasons why individuals experience cold intolerance, including:

• Amputations | Crush Injuries | Lacerations | Poor Circulation | Nerve Damage | Range Of Illnesses •

We provide a solution for cold intolerance with our reliable, portable, and controllable heat source that allows the freedom of movement and dexterity to do the job. Our full range of garments, braces and wraps are combined with a portable, rechargeable battery system, which can provide comforting, pain-relieving heat for 6 to 12 hours or more.

Our Custom Made Products Are Reliable, Effective & Keep Workers On The Job.

Whether we are outfitting products for a cowboy, welder,  or worker in a sawmill, food processing plant, or construction site, we recognize that these workplaces can be hard on equipment and clothing. Whether it's a custom heated glove liner or a lower limb sleeve for a prosthetic leg, our products are customized to suit each and every client. And should any component of our products become worn out or broken over time, Simple Abilities can simply supply replacement components, so that clients can keep working in comfort.

We have helped clients across Canada & the USA who have a wide range of needs and working conditions, including deep sea divers in Finland and an electrical lineman working in Antarctica. We have the knowledge, technology, and experience to help your clients keep working, too!

Our compact battery system can provide up to 12 or more hours of continuous heat, enabling a client to work a full work shift and more.

Our Custom Heating Technology Is Custom-Made For Each Client.

Each Basic Custom Designed System Consists Of:

• Glove liner/wrap/sock or other garment custom-fitted with heating technology

• Rechargeable lithium battery with wireless remote heat control and optional belted carrying pouch

• Wire lead (from battery to the liner/garment)

• Protective outer garment or gloves to be worn over the heated liner/wrap/sock (if applicable)

Simple Abilities welcomes the opportunity to solve new challenges.

Over the years, we’ve helped many clients with their unique challenges. Working together with their occupational therapists, rehab consultants, or prosthetics practitioners, we can design custom heating products to solve their specific problems, and keep them working and moving in comfort.

Here are a few examples of how our technology has helped solve cold intolerance problems:



Amputation at the wrist, wearing a prosthesis to hold a ski pole

The socket on the prosthesis that fit to the forearm attracted the cold and it was painful. We created a heated sleeve for this avid skier, allowing her to return to the hill all day in warmth and comfort for the first time in 42 years.

Hand injury and cold-weather hunting

The client’s injured finger was painfully sensitive to cold, making outdoor work and hunting in cold weather difficult. We created a custom heated glove liner with pull-over work gloves, allowing the client to go on extended hunting trips in extremely cold weather, with the rechargeable batteries lasting as long as 10 hours at a time.

Crushed ankle with metal screws and plates

The client’s smashed ankle was put back together with metal parts, which attracted the cold and caused acute pain. Off-the-shelf socks didn’t heat the ankle. Simple Abilities created custom heated socks to focus the heat to the critical area, relieving the discomfort. These socks were so effective that they are now a staple offering at Simple Abilities.

Severe hand injury with inability to wear gloves

The client had cold intolerance due to a severe left hand injury, and sensitivity made it impossible for her to wear gloves. Our solution was custom heated mitts, made from soft, heated custom-knitted mitt, allowing the client to stay comfortable all winter even in the cold prairies where the client resides.

Below the knee amputation with cold intolerance

The client’s prosthetic foot was connected to a socket that accommodated his stump. The socket and the foot were connected by a stainless steel post, which was a very efficient cold magnet and telegraphed that cold up and into the client’s leg. Simple Abilities created a “post heater” consisting of a controllable powered device that heated the post and kept it warm.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

The client’s left hand, forearm, elbow, bicep, shoulder and neck areas were a few degrees colder than the right side, and the pain and discomfort made sleep nearly impossible. We provided custom-heated glove liner and heated garments for elbow, shoulder, and neck, as well as a custom forearm and bicep sleeve, all designed for long-wearing comfort. Combined with a system of batteries to power all the components 24 hours a day, the client now enjoys a regular nights’ sleep and comfort for the rest of the day.

Your clients have unique needs — let’s work together to find the best creative solutions for their cold intolerance and help keep them warm and working!

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