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The Solution To Cold Intolerance.

Amputations, crush injuries, poor circulation, nerve damage, and a variety of illnesses can all cause cold intolerance.

The solution for cold intolerance is our reliable, portable, and controllable heat source that allows the freedom of movement and dexterity to do the job. Our full range of garments, braces and wraps are combined with a portable, rechargeable battery system, which can provide comforting, pain-relieving heat for 6 to 12 hours or more.

Amputation or single hand? We can help with our heated glove liners.

Simple Abilities supplies heating technology solutions for left, right, or both hands, as well as custom solutions for clients with full or partial finger amputations. With amputations—whether it’s a fingertip, a whole finger, or more—cold intolerance is often a major challenge. Simple Abilities will create a customized liner to fit the injured hand or what’s left of it.

With very few exceptions, most workers will only injure one hand, but gloves typically come in pairs. Rather than having a pair (right and left) of expensive heated glove liners—one of which will be redundant—Simple Abilities supplies a pair of heated liners, both for the same hand.

Simple Abilities hand weaves the micro heating wires into the glove liner or garment itself, and is able to focus the extra heat to the fingers or areas of the hand that are the most sensitive.


Our technology meets all Foodsafe requirements.

Spending a full work shift making repetitive or similar knife cuts in a cool or cold environment is a leading contributor to all sorts of debilitating conditions. The technology that Simple Abilities has developed can now be used in food processing environments, and meets all Foodsafe requirements.

Simple Abilities has developed a method of incorporating a heating system into the cut-resistant Kevlar liners that are commonly worn in the industry. Heat and cut protection can be combined for use in the harsh and demanding environment found in these types of workplaces, and has not been available until now.


We can provide job-specific, customized work gloves for any industry.

The heated glove liners are just that: liners, and so they need the protection of an outer glove to keep the liner clean. More importantly, the outer gloves keep the heat in, allowing the technology to work more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

In addition to the heated glove liner, Simple Abilities provides the matching protective outer work gloves. We have access to hundreds of glove styles from a number of quality manufacturers. Whether it’s a regular work glove, mechanic’s glove, welding glove, anti-vibration glove, or any other specialty gloves, we can customize it to fit the injured hand and accommodate the heated liner. Custom mitts are also available.

Whether it’s for work, play, or every day comfort, maintaining as much tactility as possible is important to many clients. Our heated liners are the thinnest on the market and when used in combination with good quality leather gloves, the greatest degree of tactility is maintained.

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Custom heated wrist wraps to treat discomfort and pain.

Whether it’s carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or arthritis, the discomfort of wrist pain can be debilitating. Heat is commonly used to treat the condition and reduce the associated pain.

There are several off-the-shelf wrist wraps on the market today, but they only give heat for a limited amount of time or have large, bulky batteries that make the system inconvenient. At Simple Abilities, we offer a heated wrist wrap that is customized for the client, eliminating bulkiness. Complete with a compact rechargeable lithium battery, the fit is streamlined enough to allow for a glove or sleeve over top, and can also be combined with a custom heated glove liner or heated sleeve to provide relief for the entire arm.

Like Simple Abilities’ glove liners, our custom heated wrist wraps are sold in pairs, either two for the same arm or one for each arm if needed.

We make custom heated products for wherever you need it.

Our custom heating technology can be integrated into heated sleeves, insoles, wraps, or other garments, providing a reliable, portable, controllable heat source for an arm, leg, thigh, back, neck, or foot. The same technology we use in our glove liners can be incorporated into a variety of garments, keeping the cold intolerant area warm for up to 12 hours or more. Not only can this help clients stay on the job, but it can help them get better pain-free sleep and recover from their injury or illness.

Like all of our products, our custom heated custom sleeves, wraps and other garments come complete with a single wire lead and a rechargeable lithium batter with FOB, with an optional belted pouch to wear the battery.

And because they are custom fitted, our heated garments don’t get in the way of doing a job, performing day-to-day activities, or simply relaxing.


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