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Is The Custom Heat System Covered By Health Insurance Or Workers’ Compensation?

The Answer Is Yes : Our custom heat system glove liners, socks, wraps, garments and prosthetic heat systems are fully covered by Most Health Insurance & Workers’ Compensation Programs. Additionally, replacement component parts are also covered by these funders.

Does Simple Abilities provide custom glove liners for persons with amputated fingers?

Simple Abilities supplies solutions for clients with fingertip, whole finger, or more amputations on the hand. We create a customized liner to fit the injured hand or what’s left of it.

What do I get in my custom heated glove liner system?

The basic system consists of: one pair of heated glove liners (left/right pair, or two lefts, or two rights); one rechargeable 12V lithium battery with wireless remote heat control FOB; belted carry pouch; one pair of protective work or over gloves; and one wire lead (battery to the heated liner).

What kind of protective work gloves does Simple Abilities provide?

Simple Abilities has access to hundreds of glove styles from a number of quality manufacturers. Regular work gloves, mechanic’s work gloves, welding gloves, anti-vibration gloves, and all sorts of specialty gloves can be customized to fit the injured hand. Custom mitts are also available.

Why is an outer glove required for a heated liner?

Heated glove liners are just that: liners, and so they need the protection of an outer glove. This helps keep the heated liner clean, as well as keeps the heat in, making the heating system more efficient and comfortable.

I don’t need a heated liner for both hands. Can I get just one instead of a pair?

Simple Abilities supplies solutions for left, right, or both hands. If only one hand is injured, we supply a pair of heated liners, both for the same injured hand. The outer work gloves we provide will be for both hands, for a matching pair.

How long does the heat last for?

Our glove liners, socks, wraps and other garments can provide comforting heat for up to 12 hours or more. Our rechargeable lithium batteries can hold their charge for more or less time depending on the environmental temperature and how much of an area is heated (i.e. a smaller area can be heated for longer than a larger area).

What kind of batteries does the custom heated garment use?

Simple Abilities provides a long-lasting 12V lithium rechargeable battery with each custom heating system. The most powerful battery we provide is about the size of a small ladies clutch purse, measuring 3.25" wide by 6.5" long and 1.125" thick, and weighs 14.5oz. This battery lasts the longest, from 8 to 14 hours depending on conditions and size and structure of the custom liner/garment.

For smaller or more compact heated solutions, we offer a smaller 12V lithium rechargeable battery that is just 4" wide by 4.5" long and 0.875" thick. Our smallest available option is a 7V lithium rechargeable battery at just 1.875" wide by 2.875" long and 0.876" thick, and weighing only 3 oz.  As Lithium Battery technology advances, smaller, more compact power packs are already available.

Where are the custom heated products made?

Simple Abilities proudly custom makes each glove liner, wrap, sock or other garment in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I can’t wear gloves. Can you provide a mitt option?

Yes! Simple Abilities can use the same custom heated liner technology to create a mitt instead.

How is the heating system activated?

Our custom heated glove liners, socks, and other garments include a FOB that controls the heating system remotely. The FOB can turn the heating system on, off, or adjust the heat setting according to your preference and comfort, or to adjust to the temperature.

I work in a dirty/cold environment. How long will my custom heated product last?

As long as you wear the custom heated product with its protective glove (or as recommended), your custom heated product should last for years without a problem. The lithium battery can be recharged and reused for many years. That being said, we understand that these products can be damaged through heavy use and harsh conditions, and may eventually require repair or replacement. In this case, we can replace any of the components of the custom heat system separately. Since we retain each client’s product specifications on file, we can re-create any custom-made item without delay.

How much does a custom heated glove liner system cost?

The cost of each system varies depending on the configuration, degree of customization, choice of outer gloves, and the size of battery. All clients will be provided with a no obligation formal quote prior to any work being started.

I am a prosthetist/therapist Can you work with my client directly?

We understand that the last thing you need is a product or service provider that has a cumbersome or complicated process. Simple Abilities works to keep this as simple as possible for you, and we can work with your client directly if requested. We have created some easy to use forms to capture all of the information we require, enabling the process to get started as quickly and simply as possible.

I’m ready to order. Where do I start?

First, download the appropriate referral form for the product you require: custom heated glove, other custom heated garment, or heated prosthetic system. These forms can be filled out with the client, funder, and referral contact information, as well as any special information such as working conditions, injury/amputation details, and dimensions/specifications to allow us to custom-make the product. Once we receive this information, we will follow up with a no obligation quotation for review.

How long does it take to get a custom heating product made?

 Most special orders, whether shipped direct from the factory or made to order, will normally be shipped within 10–14 business days. In other cases, we may require additional time for customization or assembly of orders.


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