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We Specialize In Pain And Cold Intolerance Products.

We are North America’s number one source for custom heated gloves, socks, wraps, sleeves, and prosthetic device liners.

Whether it’s a result of amputations, lacerations, crush injuries, poor circulation, nerve damage, or a variety of illnesses, we have the solutions to relieve pain and cold intolerance.


Our products focus on two specialized areas:

Custom heated gloves and other garments for
cold intolerance

heating systems for

Our heated glove liners, socks, and other garments will keep hands, feet, arms, and other body parts warm and comfortable for up 12 hours or longer.

Whether because of an amputation, injury, or illness, cold intolerance can keep sufferers from being productive and working.

Our fully-customizable heated garments for amputations, injured areas, or a single hand, provides a reliable source of comfort, enabling workers to return to the job and become more productive.

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other heated garments

Our heating system is customized to be integrated between layers of the prosthetic device and the residual limb, providing comforting heat for up to 12 hours or longer.

Whatever the reason for the prosthetic device, and whatever material the socket is made of, it can be a chilly environment for the residual limb.

Designed as either an integrated heating layer or an external wrap, our technology provides a reliable source of warmth. We work with the prosthetists to find the best heated solution for the client.

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custom prosthetic
heating devices

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We’ve got you covered.

Our custom heated garment products are designed to meet the needs of workers’ compensation boards, insurance agencies, and other funding agencies across Canada and the United States. Clients referred to us are usually fully funded.

Reliability is critical.

Since 2004, Simple Abilities’ reputation has been built on providing industrial-grade products for clients that need reliable heat for full work shifts and more. Our products are designed to meet the needs of men and women working in many harsh environments, and our clients include welders, fish packers, farm workers, construction workers, to name but a few.

Our technology is designed so that each separate component can be replaced individually, saving both time and resources and reducing the client’s working down-time.

We Pride Ourselves On Being Easy To Work With.

We Work With:

• Hand Therapists

• Prosthetics Practitioners

• Occupational Therapists

• Vocational Rehab Consultants

• Individuals Living With Disabilities


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