More Custom Heated Products

Custom Heated: A few short stories:

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome – A client with CRPS was referred to us a few years ago.  The client’s left hand, forearm, elbow, bicep, shoulder and neck areas were a few degrees colder than the right side.  The pain and discomfort made sleep almost impossible. We already had custom heated glove liners and off the shelf products were available for elbows, shoulders and the neck.  Simple abilities designed Custom Heated Forearm and Bicep Sleeves to fill in the gaps.  Simple abilities then created a system of batteries to power all the components 24 hours per day.  The client now enjoys a regular night’s sleep and comfort the rest of the day.

 Metal Screws and Plates – A client with a smashed ankle was put back together with metal parts.  Those metal parts attracted the cold and the pain was acute.  Off the shelf heated socks don’t heat the ankle.  The Simple Abilities solution was simple.  Custom Heated Socks to focus the heat to the critical area have now become a staple offering at simple abilities.

Client Cannot Wear GlovesCustom Heated Mitts – A client from the Canadian Prairies (think really cold winters) was referred to us for a solution to cold intolerance due to a severe left hand injury.  Sensitivity made it impossible for the client to wear gloves.  The solution was custom heated mitts.  Finding mittens made from a fabric that can be wired for heating, was a 6 week challenge.  Finally Simple Abilities was able to make arrangements with a factory (on the Canadian prairies) that agreed to program a machine to knit mitts.  This client will be warm and comfortable for the winter of 2014.  Custom Heated Mitts will now be a standard part of our product line.

Prosthetic componentsThe Post Heater ‑ A client (again from the Canadian prairies) was referred to us for a solution for a unique problem.  With a below the knee amputation, the clients prosthetic foot was connected to a socket that accommodated his stump. The socket and the foot were connected by a stainless steel post.  That post was a very efficient cold magnet and telegraphed that cold up into the bottom of the client’s leg.  Working with a team of electrical engineers, Simple Abilities collaborated to fashion a device to heat that post and to provide controllable power to keep that post warm.

More Prosthetic componentsKeeping up with the rest of the family – A client who was an avid skier contacted Simple Abilities with a unique problem.  With an “at the wrist” amputation, the client was fitted with a fiberglass socket apparatus that had a clip that attached to a ski pole.  After a few downhill runs it was off to the lodge because the fiberglass socket attracted the cold and generated pain.  Several attempts, failed to provide a solution and finally the client discovered Simple Abilities.  The solution was a custom “Stump Cover” (no insult implied or intended) that was fitted to be worn under the fiberglass socket.  Last report, the client is now keeping up and getting in more runs than the rest of the family.




We can also manufacture heated wraps for legs, thighs and back.

All require a 12 Volt battery to provide heat.

For more information contact us.