Custom Heated Wrist Wraps

WRIST PAIN HURTS – Whether it’s Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis or Arthritis the discomfort of wrist pain can be debilitating and heat is commonly used to treat the condition and reduce the associated pain.

There are several Heated Wrist wraps on the market and they all have an attached battery pocket that holds a 7 Volts battery that only gives heat for a limited time.   Some products have bigger batteries and will give a bit more heat time but get proportionately bulkier.  Regular batteries are costly and need to be replaced.

Rechargeable batteries cost even more and they too are bulky.  Read the customer comments on any website and they all complain about too little heat time.

Simple Abilities’ manufacturers custom heated wrist wraps that are custom fitted to your wrist and eliminate the bulkiness associated with off the shelf brands.  They connect to a compact 12 Volt lithium rechargeable battery that can be carried in an internal pocket or in an optional belted pouch.

Instead of a couple of hours of heat time, the compact 12 Volt battery will provide 10 or more hours of continuous heat.  Our objective is to enable a client to work a full work-shift and more.

Our systems and batteries are complete with chargers and wireless push button heat controllers that enable a user to choose from On, Off and three heat settings at the push of a button.  The fit is compact enough to allow for a glove or sleeve over top and can in fact be combined with a custom heated glove liner and or heated sleeve to provide relief for the entire arm.

All Simple Abilities’ outfits are sold to fit your right hand or left hand and they are sold in pairs.  We want you to keep warm on laundry day when one wrist wrap is in the wash.  If you have pain in both wrists, no problem, we can accommodate.

The photo below includes the Custom Heated Wrist Wrap, 12 Volt 5.2 Amp Battery w/remote control and single wire lead. An optional pouch and belt can be used or the battery can be carried in an internal pocket.

Components for Custom Heated Wrist Wraps:

  1. 2 Wrist Wraps
  2. Single Wire Lead
  3. 12 Volt Battery kit with FOB


  1. Pouch with Belt
Custom Wrist Wrap

Custom Heated Wrist Wraps