Custom Heated Glove Liners

Amputations, Crush Injuries, Lacerations, Poor Circulation, Nerve Damage and a Range of Illnesses can all spell COLD INTOLERANCE

 While many clients suffer cold intolerance in both hands and we do supply heated liners in typical Left/Right pairs, a far greater percentage of clients only injure one hand and really only need heat for that injured hand.  Since gloves typically come in pairs, one of those two gloves becomes a wasted expense.

Rather than having a pair (right & left) of expensive heated glove liners one of which is redundant,  Simple Abilities supplies a pair (two) heated liners, both for the same injured hand.  One to wear, the other as a backup or for use on laundry day.

Amputations – Whether it’s a fingertip, a whole finger or more, cold intolerance is often a major challenge. Simple Abilities will create custom heated glove liners to fit the injured hand and will even focus extra heat to the fingers or areas that are most sensitive.

Job Specific Outer Work Gloves – We cannot forget that heated glove liners are “LINERS” and need the protection of an outer glove to protect and keep the custom heated glove liner clean.  More importantly, is the need to keep the heat in.  While the outer glove is the sacrificial layer to protect the more expensive heated liner, Simple Abilities doesn’t skimp on quality. Before selecting the outer glove, we want to speak with the client or the therapist to determine the type of work or lifestyle activity the client will be using the outfit for.  Amputations – Again, almost any type outer glove can be modified to match the liner and fit the amputation.

Tactility – Whether it’s work, play or everyday comfort, maintaining as much tactility as possible is very important to many of our clients.  Simple Abilities heated liners are the thinnest on the market and when used in combination with good quality Leather Gloves the greatest possible degree of tactility is retained.

Specialty Gloves – Simple Abilities can supply Welding Gloves, Anti Vibration Gloves and all sorts of specialty gloves that may be required by the client.  Most can be customized to fit the injured hand.

The cost of Custom Heated Glove Liner outfits – Varies depending on configuration, degree of customization, choice of outer gloves and size of battery.

All clients will be provided with a no obligation formal quote prior to any work being started.

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Custom Heated Glove Liner

Custom Heated Glove Liner

 The Basic System consists of:

  • 1 Pair Custom Heated Glove Liners (left/right pair) or (2 rights) or (2 lefts)
  • 1 Rechargeable 12 Volt Lithium battery c/w wireless remote heat control and belted carry pouch.
  • 1 Pair Protective over gloves
  • 1 Wire lead (battery to liner).